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Animal-Network is a free platform that helps you keep your animals healthy and stay updated. Using the digital health book and vaccination card, you can easily keep track of veterinary visits, receipts, parasite control, feeding, insurance, personal notes, and much more. But that’s not all: you can also connect with other animal owners and veterinarians, ask questions, share tips, and pictures.

Whether you are an individual, a group, an association or a company, you can create access to Animal-Network and gain access to the animal health portal and network!


Benefits for animal owners:

With Animal-Network you can gather all your animals’ information in one place, whether you have horses, dogs, birds, cats, pigs, reptiles or rodents.

  • Your animal’s information:
    Keep track of your animals’ information: Species, breed, date of birth, chip number, ear tattoos, name, insurance and much more.
  • Health book and vaccination certificates:Get digital health book and vaccination certificates from your vet or have copies of your paper documents converted into digital certificates.
  • Overview:
    Timeline with an overview of everything about your animals, with the option to add your own notes, flea treatment, nail clipping and much more.
  • Networking and sharing access:
    Invite family and friends and share access to health information during holidays, competitions or buying/selling.

Animal-Network will be continuously updated and developed, and more options will be continuously added.


Benefits for everyone who works with animals:

Animal-Network can also be used by vets, breeders, clubs, handlers, insurance companies, companies and anyone who works in and around the animal world.

  • Share posts, news and connect with pet owners on Animal-Network.
  • Increased visibility and stronger connections in the animal world through Animal-Network.
  • Veterinarians & clinics can access the digital health book.
Read more about Animal-Network for businesses.

The purpose of Animal-Network is to make it easier to take good care of our animals. By offering animal owners an easy overview of their animal’s health, vaccines and much more. At the same time, you can be part of a community with other animal owners and seek tips, advice and ask questions.

Launched on June 15, 2022, Animal-Network is the world’s only platform that offers a digital health book combined with an online community about animals across borders!

Digital Health BookCommunity about animals

Animal health is going digital

Normally, the veterinarian fills out vaccinations and health visits on paper, which the animal owner has to keep track of. The Digital Health Book makes it easier for the animal owner to keep track of more than just veterinary visits. Everything from flea treatments, food, training, receipts, pictures, documents, medicine, treatments, as well as personal notes and information can now be collected in the Digital Health Book along with information on vaccinations and health visits! – and even shared digitally during holidays, competitions, or buying and selling.

CREATE ACCESSCommunity about animals

Community about animals

Animal-Network has created the world’s first digital health book, but Animal-Network is much more than just a health book. It is a digital community about animals. Here you can share information, exchange tips and advice, discuss topics, update your status, vote for animal of the week, enter competitions, share photos and build connections with others. Everything is available on a simple and clear platform, so you always have access to your animal’s information.

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The man behind the idea:

Martin Jensen, the founder of Animal-Network, was inspired to launch the platform after facing challenges in managing his pets’ health information, which was typically stored on paper while other information required searching through various platforms. Upon purchasing a kitten in the summer of 2021 and receiving a paper booklet with health information from the veterinarian, Martin decided to create a digital solution that could consolidate all this information in one place. Animal-Network is a free platform that integrates a digital health book with an online community, enabling pet owners to share tips, advice, and ask questions. The aim of Animal-Network is to replace outdated paper-based solutions and simplify the task of pet owners in managing their pets’ health and care. We strongly believe that access to up-to-date information is crucial for our pets’ well-being, which is why Animal-Network is available to everyone free of charge.

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