Are you an animal owner?

Animal-Network is a free network for everyone who loves animals, where you can connect with friends, animal owners, vets, clubs, breeders and more. – and get a network of benefits.

→ Your animals – your data: Say goodbye to piles of paper – get everything from the vet and others. directly in Animal-Network e.g. health book, vaccine card, treatments, etc.
✏️ Add your own notes, e.g. vet visits, nail clipping, hairdresser, feed, training, etc.
🔔 Get notifications about upcoming health checks and vaccinations etc.
📂 Share easy access, e.g. during holidays, competitions, travel etc.

→ Your animals – your network: Get access to a “social network” – for everyone who loves animals.
🆕 Many new opportunities are on the way, see more here

Animal-Network is for everyone who loves animals.

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Benefits for animal owners:

You have the following options:

  • 💉🩺 Request a veterinarian’s history and follow up on vaccinations, test results, and treatment plans
  • 👁‍🗨 Gain insight and overview of your animal’s historical and current data
  • 🔔 Receive reminders about upcoming appointments, etc.
  • 📂 Share your animal’s healthcare book digitally, such as with family, boarding kennels and specialists
  • ✅ Have mandatory documents close to hand if your pet needs to be minded or accompany you on holiday
  • ✏️ Add your own notes: nail cutting, training, feed, etc.

More options coming soon:

  • 🔐 Safe box where you can store all important documents and information about your animals.
  • 👥 Connect with friends, pet owners, vets, etc. and get a network with animals at the center.
  • 🏅 Participate in competitions
  • 📍 Search in your local area
  • 📸 Photo gallery
  • 🌐 Access to a “social network” – for everyone who loves animals, where you can share positive stories, experiences, places, etc.

Network for everyone who loves animals.

Animal-Network was created for the purpose of taking better care of our animals. We do this by creating a network that secures an open communication between animal owners, veterinarians, animal keepers, boarding kennels, etc.

With Animal-Network, your vet can send you all appendices and documents about your animals, and you can receive a digital health book, vaccine card and copy of treatments, etc.

You can use Animal-Networkfor all species of animals all over the world, including horses, dogs, birds, cats, pigs, reptiles and rodents. All animals can use Animal-Network.

The animal’s owner can give Animal-Network consent to request “history” from the veterinarian and subsequently access them through their profile.

♻️The eco-friendly solution

The eco-friendly solution:

Each year, millions of animals receive treatments, vaccinations, healthcare appointments, etc., which are written down on paper in healthcare books. These are usually issued in a plastic folder along with a pile of paper, which the animal’s owner keeps and has to use whenever the animal needs to be treated, enter a competition or boarded at a kennel.

If the ‘old’ paper healthcare book gets misplaced, the veterinarian makes a new one, which is why many different paper-based healthcare books are used for the same animal. This is an unreliable system with an enormous environmental impact.

Animal-Network enables us to reduce the environmental impact of piles of paper and plastic.

The man behind the idea:

Martin Jensen is a pet owner and entrepreneur. He has previously been responsible for digital solutions that are currently found in e-Boks, and which are used in several countries. He recently developed Animal-Network, which aims to help pet owners and professionals involved with animals keep track of the animals’ important documents, including their health book, vaccination certificates, medical records, etc.

Welcome to Animal-Network

Martin Jensen from Animal-Network