For those who work with animals:

Now the animals get a digital health book, where the animal owner can collect all paper documents, health book, vaccine card, attachments, receipts etc. – regardless of animal species and breed.

The vet can digitally complete a health book, vaccine card etc. – or sending attachments which are loaded digitally.

For everyone who works with animals, – e.g. breeders, clubs, therapists, trainers, insurance companies, etc. everyone can use Animal-Network to connect with animal owners and get the opportunity to digitally forward important documents and reminders.

Animal shelters and pensions can connect with animal owners, and receive everything digitally – for holidays, caregiving, buying/selling, etc.

Animal-Network makes it possible to keep in closer contact with customers, and ditch the paperwork, old folders and attachments – save time when all data is gathered in one easy and clear solution.

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GDPR and consent

The animal’s owner can give Animal-Network consent to request “health information” from the vet etc. and subsequently access them digitally so that visits and vaccinations are not forgotten.

Benefits for businesses:

Journal of animals

Fill in the healthcare book easily and digitally.

Health book overview

Easily add notes, vaccinations, vouchers and check-ups.

Reminder of vet visits

Automatically send reminders about upcoming appointments to your customers.

See health book

Get an overview of an animal’s historical data to keep you well-informed at all times

Easy and simple

Save time by digitising your workflows

Environmentally friendly health book

Stop wasting paper and implement eco-friendly procedures

Suggestions for Animal-Network

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