1. About Animal-Network

The following terms and conditions (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”) apply to the use of Animal-Network.

Provider of the service and the data controller for the processing of personal data:

VAT: DK43132326
Trettenstykkerne 10
4700 Næstved – Denmark
E-mail: gdpr@animal-network.com  (see our GDPR page ):

  1. Principal areas of the service

Animal-Network is a service developed to make it easier and safer to be a animal/pet owner. Animal-Network is for all animal/pet owners and professionals whose job involves animals (veterinarians, trainers, clinics, etc.) and makes it possible to store and share data about all animals, such as adding personal notes, as well as making it possible to download the animal/pet’s medical records from a veterinarian. Animal-Network will be continuously updated and developed and additional functionality will be added on an ongoing basis. A user profile must be created to use Animal-Network.

A animal/pet owner can add one or more animals/pets to get a unique digital platform that gathers all the important information about each animal/pet. And the animal/pet’s owner can share the animals/pet’s ‘healthcare book’ with others as required (e.g. for care during holidays, by the veterinarian, etc.).

Veterinarians (clinics, etc.) can create a profile and update the animal/pet’s healthcare book, vaccination certificates, etc., and add important reminders for the animal/pet’s owner, such as upcoming physical check-ups, obedience/agility training, nail cutting, etc.

Profiles are personal and the user may only create one profile. The user is not allowed to forward another person’s e-mail address nor pose as someone else.

Animal-Network also contains a “network” where you can connect with friends, etc. – and make positive posts about animals. – to use this network, you must approve the “community rules” – see always applicable “community rules” here

  1. Responsibility for own content

The user can use the service to upload his/her own material in the form of documents, images, etc. The user is personally responsible for any and all uploaded material.

Animal-Network disclaims any and all liability for the user’s material and conducts no form of rights clearing.

The user vouches for the legality of the material uploaded and shared by the user, including that the use of the material does not violate any third-party rights, e.g., copyrights, trademark rights or rights pursuant to the Danish Data Protection Act. In the event Animal-Network is subject to a claim for compensation by a third party arising from the user’s uploading and sharing of material that has violated the third party’s rights, the user will be liable to indemnify Animal-Network for any such claims and the costs this might entail, and the user risks being subject to a claim for compensation.

  1. Guidelines for the use of Animal-Network

The user is entitled to use the accessible functionality available on the website. Animal-Network reserves the right to continuously change the functionality of the service.

In the event that the material uploaded by the user violates third-party rights, such as copyright or trademark rights, or in the event that the material constitutes a violation of other legislation, we reserve the right to remove/erase such material at our own discretion and without prior notice.

  1. Information for the user on the website

The user accepts that Animal-Network may download medical records, etc., about an animal when the animal/pet’s owner has accepted this, and that the user’s information is shared with the veterinarian to confirm ownership before medical records, etc., are downloaded. Furthermore, advertising and promotional material from Animal-Network and Animal-Network´s partners may appear on the website.

Animal-Network does not use the user’s information to send newsletters with promotional material, etc., unless the user has consented to this. The user is entitled at any time and free of charge to subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletters and promotional material, which can be done at the website or by e-mail.

The user may give Animal-Network his/her consent to receive promotional material from Animal-Network’s partners. Animal-Network does not forward personal information to third parties for said parties’ marketing purposes without the explicit consent of the user.

  1. Rights to the service and website content

Animal-Network owns all intellectual property rights, including copyrights to the service and the rights to codes, trademarks, graphic elements, etc., on the website and any elements on the website that are made available in the form of animation, sounds, music, videos, photos, texts, images, etc.

Animal-Network acquires no rights to the material which the user chooses to upload.

As the point of departure, the rights to the material made available on the website, regardless of whether this is done on behalf of Animal-Network, the user or others, belong to the party that uploads the material.

Such material is usually protected by the Danish Copyright Act and Trademark Act.

As the uploader of and rightsholder to material on the website, the user accepts that anyone who gains access to the material can read the information, including read and download the material and use the material for his/her own private purposes, and that Animal-Network may use the information for commercial purposes, including to comply with the user’s requests.

The user may use material made available by Animal-Network and others on the website for his/her own private purposes. The user may not allow other parties to use the service or the material available on the website and may not, for example, transfer, distribute, forward or copy the material to others or to other websites nor use the material for commercial purposes.

  1. Limitation of liability

Animal-Network endeavours to ensure that the service is available at all times. However, situations may arise in which the service is unavailable, which can be due to security-related or maintenance-related causes, network problems, outages in communication connections, hardware faults, etc.

Animal-Network backs up the service and all information on the website on an ongoing basis but data loss can occur. Animal-Network disclaims any and all liability for loss of or damage to the user’s data, including uploaded material.

Animal-Network disclaims liability for any and all loss – direct and indirect – that may be incurred on the user by using the service or in the event of faults and shortcomings of the service, cessation of the service or loss that might be inflicted by others using the service.

In the event that Animal-Network is held liable, the above notwithstanding, and regardless of the basis for the liability, said liability vis-à-vis the user is limited to the greatest of the following:

  • 50% of the total payment received by Animal-Network from the user within the past six (6) months from the emergence of the claim for compensation.
  1. Deletion of the user’s profile

The user may at any time choose to delete his/her profile and/or the information and material (see our GDPR page )

  1. Amendment of these Terms and Conditions

Animal-Network reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. The Terms and Conditions in effect at any time will be available on the website.

  1. Transfer

The user’s profile is personal and may not be transferred to anyone else without the consent of Animal-Network.

Animal-Network reserves the right to transfer the service and rights wholly or partly to a third party. Should such transfer take place, the user will be notified of this with a deadline by which he/she can delete his/her profile in the event that the user does not accept the transfer.

  1. Applicable law and venue

These Terms and Conditions and the use of the service are subject to Danish law, apart from international civil liability rules, unless otherwise specified by a statute which cannot be dispensed with by agreement between the parties. Any and all disputes are to be settled by a Danish court of law.