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VET/CLINIC: Get access to the digital health book and vaccine card. Easily and efficiently fill in the same important information as in a traditional health book, including vaccine cards and other health-related information – all this without spending extra time and avoiding stress.

FOR EVERYONE IN THE ANIMAL WORLD: Animal-Network is a health portal and network in one – for animal owners, vets, breeders, clubs, handlers, insurance companies and anyone who works with or is interested in animals. Here you can post, share news and information, exchange tips and advice and build valuable connections in our online forum.

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Advantages of Animal-Network:

  • Increased visibility and stronger connections in the animal world through Animal-Network.
  • Share posts, news and connect with pet owners on Animal-Network.
  • An online animal forum for information, tips, advice and networking.

Extended benefits for vets and clinics:

  • Easy and digital management of health books and vaccine cards.
  • Save time and streamline work processes through digitization.
  • Automatic reminders of upcoming appointments for pet owners.
  • Implement an environmentally friendly workflow with the Digital Health Book.

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